Sunday, August 30, 2015

Late August Art Dump

I've been making a lot of art this month, but a lot of it is stuff I can't show. That hasn't stopped me from going to my regular figure drawing sessions, though, and here are a bunch drawings from those sessions I attended this month. The drawing at the head of this post is pencil and almost dry Copic markers on sketchbook paper. Dry copics have their uses, but I think I need to refill mine.

I had better luck with this model with the brush pen drawing I did of her. Working in ink without the crutch of an under-drawing is nerve-wracking:

 Here are a couple of more traditional pencil drawings. I'm pretty happy with both of these even though I failed to capture the facial likeness of the second model. The first one, a nice older lady, was a delight to draw even though I wound up leaving the session after twenty minutes because of paint fumes in the studio space. I got a good likeness from her, which makes me happy.

Finally, here's a small piece I did for a client in between work on my two major projects. This is a matching drawing to the Demonic Dungeon Master's Guide I did a few months go, the idea that a Demonic Monster Manual is disgorging one of the dippier monsters at the reader. I thought about using the Neo-Otyugh, but the client suggested the Gelatinous Cube, which, to be honest, was a LOT easier to draw. This is brush and ink on Bristol board. Drawn out of my head entirely without references (which often spells trouble for me). Fun to draw, though.

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