Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ol' One Eye, finished

Odin by Christianne Benedict

Well, this is done. I'll send it off to my client today.

Here's how this went in my household. It helps to know that my partner is a secular pagan whose religious tradition is Odinism. When I was discussing this with her, she suggested that Odin needed a big floppy hat and that he should be young and "hot." When I showed this to her she seemed disappointed. First, because I didn't do the kind of floppy hat she expected (I thought it made him look like Gandalf rather than Odin), but also because she couldn't tell how well-hung Odin was. "Perhaps I should have had him writing runes in the snow?" I said. "That would have worked," she said.


Brush and ink and pen and some white paint on Bristol board. The original is 11"x17".

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