Thursday, September 25, 2014

Girl with Umbrella

Girl With Umbrella by Christianne Benedict

I've been having a bit creative block recently. Every time I've started drawing, what I'm drawing has turned to crap on the page. This drawing is an attempt to move beyond that. It's nothing in particular, based on a photo from The Sartorialist. It's mostly a intended to demonstrate to myself that I haven't in fact forgotten how to draw. This is brush and ink on Bristol board. It's for sale at my Etsy store if you like it enough that you want to own it.

Meanwhile, my comics Kickstarter is entering the long middle slog until the end. Check it out here.

Patreon Logo
I'm trying out Patreon as a means of funding my blogs. They don't have a widget yet, so this link will just have to do. If you like my writing and art and if you'd like to support Krell Laboratories and Christianne's Art and Comics, please come on over and pledge. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotions: The Long Delayed Exiles Kickstarter

So after months of foot-dragging, I've finally got this going: I have a Kickstarter. I'm trying to fund a collection of my transgender-themed comics (some of which you can read here). If it seems like I'm trying my level best to avoid doing nine-to-five work between Patreon and this, well, you would be correct. Ideally, I'll never have to go back to the capitalist employment model ever again. In the mean time, I have to sell myself to you, dear potential patron. Anyway, I've put a lot of work and love into this comic. I don't think you need to be trans to enjoy it (I have it on the authority of my cis friends that it reads pretty well). It IS pretty sexually explicit, but hopefully not exploitative. Anyway, check it out and back it if you like what you see.