Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Exile Page 6

Here's page six of "The Exile and Happy Landing of Natalie Rios", written by Rachel K. Zall. I'm pretty happy with this page, but I took too much time to draw it. I get that way when I have to fiddle with perspective and backgrounds sometimes. If I wasn't already committed to black and white, this page has sealed the deal. Hopefully, the next page won't take nearly so long.

Brush and ink and Pitt pens on Bristol board.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back to Work

Finally back to work on The Exile. (Actually, I've been at it for days, but I'm finally getting my groove back). Plus, my super-cramped work space. I really need to organize my workspace better. Lots of fiddly perspective on this page, which is part of why I've lingered so long on it. Tighter pencils than usual, but I find that I ink better when the pencils are tighter. I'm digging the inking process right now, which is new. I used to dread inking, but now it's the pencils that are the make-work. In any event, I hope to push this story through to being done relatively soon. End of April is my goal. Sooner would be better. Some dumb freelance job is probably going to screw that up, though, so no promises.