Monday, July 3, 2017

July Art Dump,

Katie Zall and Katherine Cross

Here's some more art. A pretty random selection, with some more notes on process.

The piece at the head of this post is a watercolor painting I made of my friends, Katie Zall and Katherine Cross. Mostly just for fun, but I wanted to get the stick out of the ass of my figure drawing, so I didn't really care if it was anatomically accurate (it mostly is, oddly enough). I also wanted to transfer some of my obsession with textures in my ink drawings to watercolor, to see if it was compatible. It is. I also wanted to do something nice for Katie, who has been a pretty good friend, even if we've never actually met in meatspace.  Here's the drawing I did over lunch a few weeks ago. There are some differences.

This next piece was done for an inking exchange on Facebook. The original drawing is by Maggie Thurston. I chose to do my finishing work in watercolor, because I'm trying to get back into working with watercolor. Here are the original and finished versions:

This piece was done for the Misspent Youth project, now funding on Kickstarter if you're interested. This is a character who is part of a forced labor population in an asteroid mine. He's been experimented on and the cybernetic ports are still all over his body. Here are the sketches I sent to the client and the finished piece.

Here's a drawing I did this week at my weekly life drawing session. I'm really pleased with her toes.

Here's a drawing I did at a life drawing session a couple of years ago. I don't think I ever posted it before, but I was going through my old notebooks this morning and ran across it. It's a terrific drawing, I think, so I thought I'd share it. It's red col-erase Prismacolor.

Anyway, I should have more art later this month. Enjoy for now.

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