Friday, March 28, 2014


Here's another drawing for my current RPG commission. I thought I'd throw in a work in process scan to give you an idea of how I go about making pictures. I drew this in pencil on a piece of bristol board. Mostly, I just blocked in the shapes and tried to get the anatomy of the beastie right. I don't start thinking about details until I start inking. In this case, this critter was described as a chameleon, able to change colors like an octopus, and in the game it's practically invisible. This is not easy to draw, and I haven't managed it, really. Black and white isn't really conducive to this, but it did give me the idea for the skin patterns while hiding in tall grasses. I ink with a brush these days, which is still kind of amazing to me. Inking with a brush used to seem like voodoo to me, particularly when I would look at people like Berni Wrightson (who drew his astonishing Frankenstein illustrations with a brush). Necessity drove me to brushes rather than the crowquills I used to favor and now I'm completely comfortable with them. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

Anyway, this was fun.

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