Sunday, July 3, 2016

Some Drawings of Women

Here are some of my recent drawings.

These four drawings are a eventually going to be game avatars for a project I'm working on. There's an emphasis on diversity in this project, which is just fine with me because drawing people who don't look like me is fun. These are brush and ink and watercolor on bristol board. The bristol board isn't very good, unfortunately, which made for some difficulties.

This is a character design for a sword and sorcery comic story I want to make. Basically a badass queer lady thief in a bad-news fantasy city where the dead have as much value as the living. It'll be a fun story to do, if I ever get around to it.

This drawing is more effort at diversity, because drawing different body shapes is also fun, though I didn't actually draw this. I only inked it over pencils by my friend, Dee Fish. This came out quite nice, I think.

These last two are pencil drawings from different life drawing sessions, both of the same model, though only the second drawing really captures a likeness. The first was drawn on really, really nice paper, though, while the second is on crappy sketchbook paper. I'm really happy with both of these drawings.

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