Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Comics Character Design

This is another character concept sketch for The Transsexuals, the comic I'm going to be drawing in the coming weeks and months. The first version I drew of this character was a bit wrong, so this one is shorter and chunkier. The description Natalie gave me for this character calls for a somewhat heavy trans woman of color who appears to be cis, but who isn't particularly beautiful. I don't know if I managed this

A lot of designing characters is costume design, and this drawing is working a lot of that out, particularly given that a lot of heavier women I know dress themselves in ways that disguises their shape. I don't know if I'm communicating that or not. Probably not.

This is also purely digital, drawn entirely within Photoshop out of my head. I haven't worked like this a lot in the past, but I've got a newish Wacom tablet, so I might as well use it...

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