Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Late Winter Life Drawings

Here are some more life drawings from my weekly sessions this winter. I'm getting pretty familiar with drawing our regular models, so my likenesses are getting pretty accurate.


I should have ignored the pattern on the chair in this drawing but I do like the weird pose of her hand. As with the drawing above, hair is fun to draw. The boots were a fun challenge, too.

Another challenge with boots! And foreshortening! Making the best of an awkward pose.

I like elements of this drawing, but I think there's a creeping monumentalism in how I've drawn this model.

I did three drawings of this guy at the session, in part because I had a pretty crappy angle that blocked a good portion of his mid-section with the chair. I made the best of it in this drawing.

This portrait from the side looks pretty good, in a Roman coin sort of way.

I also took advantage of my indifference to the whole pose to draw some feet. Feet are a hobgoblin for many artists, but I love drawing them. This way this foot was posed made it a particular challenge. It came out quite well, I think.

Anyway, this is all either graphite pencil or red col-erase Prismacolor pencil. I may put some of this up for sale. Maybe. I'll have comics again soon, I hope.

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