Sunday, April 9, 2017

Various Life Drawings Spring 2017

Here are some more life drawings. I haven't been attending as often as I'd like this spring, owing to a persistent respiratory infection. I'm slowly easing back into it, but it always feels like I've forgotten how to draw when I've been away for any amount of time. Anyway, these are all pencil drawings.  The drawing above has a nice sense of geometry to it. Not quite cubist, but architectural none the less.

It's rare that we have two models posing together. I wish I had framed this so I could draw the shoes each of them was wearing, but as usual, I was in an awkward spot. This turned out pretty nice even so, mostly through stubborn persistence.

This chair has a ghastly yellow paisley pattern that I've rendered as giraffe spots. Whatever. The chair isn't the important part. I liked this model. She was fun to draw. I hope she sits for us again.

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