Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Great Race of Yith

I started drawing when I was a kid because I wanted to draw monsters and dinosaurs. I get to do that for money sometimes as an adult, so who's to say I'm a failure in life, eh? I don't draw monsters for pleasure very often anymore, but sometimes I do. I'm thinking of doing a series of monsters as a medical fundraiser later this year, but that's the cart before the horse right now. Anyway, here's a drawing of a monster I did this morning.

This is a member of The Great Race of Yith, from Lovecraft's "The Shadow out of Time." The description of this thing is ridiculous, and consequently, most depictions I've seen are ridiculous (although one enterprising cosplayer made a dress and some other stuff to play as a Yith. I liked that). So the challenge was to make this look NOT ridiculous. I don't know that I've succeeded, but it was a fun challenge. Pencil on crappy drawing paper.

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