Thursday, August 30, 2018

Some illustration work (August 2018)

I've had a couple of illustration gigs this summer. The first one consisted of drawing some superheroes, for what use I do not know. Here are some of them. These are all pretty much pure watercolor. I wish I'd sprung for better watercolor paper. Instead, I used bristol board. The White Wombat is brush and ink and watercolor, while the Kirby-ish one with the Superman knock off was drawn with a mix of brush and ink, Pitt pens, and watercolor. I like stretching my legs in watercolor. It's my favorite painting medium. The client wanted most of these to look like comics from the eighties, and the only really specific instruction I had was to make the Red Queen look like the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, only in red. These turned out okay and they were fun to do.

These were drawn for an institutional client and were locations around Depaul University. These are mostly drawn with a Pitt brush pen, with a couple of smaller pens. The process for this was educational. In any event, these are slightly different from the ones they eventually used. These turned out nice on a pretty tight deadline.

I have a backlog of commission work, but I want to get back to doing comics as soon as that's cleared away. The story I did last year for We're Still Here is out in the wild, though, and the book its in is lovely and can be ordered now, pending the completion of the Kickstarter fulfillment.

I won't be gone so long next time.

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