Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exile Page 12

The Exile of Natalie Rios by Christianne Benedict and Rachel K. Zall

As usual, this was much delayed by real-world obligations, but relatively safe for work for a change. Not even any bad language!

 This is substantially different from what Katie wrote for this page (and the next two, for that matter). The content was all there in the script, but it was arranged in a way that would have been very difficult for me to draw. I asked if she minded if I re-wrote parts of this then bounced it off of her. She was more than receptive to my ideas. This is the way collaboration works, and Katie has been a complete joy to work with.

The first panel is mostly Pitt pens, while the rest is brush and ink. Plus lots of white-out and digital corrections. More than I would like.

The master post for the Exile with all pages is here.

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