Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Creature Post

More creatures. I'll be working on this commission for a while. There are 47 drawings in the project and I'm only half-way through right now. Once this is done, it's the end of the Exile and then a couple of other projects I can't talk about right now. Anyway, these are ink on Bristol board as usual. I've been fighting with my inking brush, which is probably on its last legs. I don't think it has much life left in it, unfortunately.

The image at the head of the post is a sabertooth, of course, in the game itself described as having stripes. I've gone for more of a bobcat look than a tiger look, but it's hard to avoid the comparison. Stripes and all.

This is intended as a drawing of a domesticated ant-eating small dinosaur. The girl is sourced from a Victorian dress for young girls I found on a history of costumes site. This was an excuse to draw a human being, which is in short supply in these drawings.

This is a cross between a giant sloth and a pangolin.

And this was described in the brief as a creature that's comprised of the merging of a small pile of scorpions.

Finally, we have a creature that's a kind of flying dinosaur that looks a lot like a crane, proto feathers and all.


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