Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trikes and Willows

A couple of more drawings for my big RPG commission. The brief on the trike is for a pretty standard triceratops. I drew this twice, because the first version looked uncomfortably close to an awesome drawing by Bernie Wrightson. This bad boy is a little bit on the heavy side, which comes from looking at a lot of pictures of rhinoceroses, the closest living animal to a trike. Maybe he's just big-boned. The tree is a willow, of course, but in the game it's a particularly nasty creature that whips anyone who comes under it as a means of implanting seeds in an incubating host. Hence the skeletal offal at the base of the tree in this drawing. The drawing itself flirts with impressionism, which is fine. Both of these are brush and sumi-e ink on Bristol board.

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