Sunday, April 20, 2014

Even More Creatures and Such

My partner and I went to see Tim's Vermeer this weekend (a film I wrote about back in March after seeing it at True/False). One of the things that the film does well is demonstrate that even when you're using mechanical shortcuts, making art can be incredibly tedious. In the film, Tim spends over a week painting dots to represent the weave of a carpet. I can sympathize with him. Art is hard, boring work sometimes. Some people romanticize art, especially if they themselves are accountants or actuaries or some similarly mundane profession, but let me assure those people: my job can be just as mind-numbingly dull as yours.

A case in point is the above drawing for my current commission. It's a lizard. Sure. You would think drawing a lizard would be fun. But look at what I've done to represent scales. Nothing but dots. I don't know how Drew Friedman did it for all those years without going bonkers. Fortunately, I like the end result.

In the game mechanics, the lizard lives in this bush, which is based on an aloe plant.

And just to assure you that art is also often fun, there's this. It's an exploding ant (which has some basis in nature). This came together really fast, in part because part of it entailed splattering ink on the page, which is always a blast. I know a lot of people roll their eyes at the artistic worth of Jackson Pollock, but his methods are a gift to artists of all kinds. Seriously.

Anyway, enjoy.

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