Thursday, April 17, 2014

Christopher Lee (The Devil Rides Out)

I broke out the watercolors today for a commission that I've been procrastinating on. I'm sure my client will be happy to see this one finished. I have one more outstanding commission that I really need to get to soon. That one is a bit more...whimsical...than this one. Anyway, I'm glad this is done.

This is Christopher Lee, of course, as Duc de Richleau, the hero(!) of The Devil Rides Out, a Terence Fisher production for Hammer in 1968. Lee looks sinister even as the good guy and he completely blows everyone else off the screen in this film. I like the film, but mainly for Lee. I wish it had a better villain, because Charles Gray was never a good choice for a bad guy (a lesson Diamonds Are Forever could have stood to learn). I fantasize about Peter Cushing playing the villain opposite Lee, but the misers in Hammer's front office weren't springing for more than one "name" per film at the time. Bastards. Anyway, this is brush and ink and watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper.

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